Providers lead Baptist Physician Partners

close up of female practitioner looking at a screen with medical equipment behind her

How does Baptist Physician Partners work?

As architects of the future, Baptist Physician Partners (BPP) continues to develop and utilize the infrastructure required to successfully shift from volume (fee-for-service model) to value, and move toward a risk-based model. Acting in a coordinated fashion and leveraging “systemness,” we are working to decrease unwarranted clinical variation to deliver high quality, efficient care in a coordinated fashion across the continuum of care.

BPP has grown to over 1,100 providers. Our focus continues to be on specialty areas necessary to meet the needs of the populations we serve - from pediatric to geriatric.

Much work has already been done to lay the foundation for BPP and Baptist Health’s future success in the value-based environment. Through the work of physician-driven committees and BPP leadership we have:

  • Aligned around key clinical strategies
  • Developed data analytics capabilities
  • Implemented processes that position us for success