About Baptist Physician Partners

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As the market shifts from volume to value, close alignment between physicians and hospitals is imperative to facilitate the highest quality care to patients. Baptist Physician Partners, LLC, brought together independent and employed physicians and the resources of Baptist Health into a clinically and financially aligned partnership designed to deliver outstanding care and improve outcomes while reducing inefficiencies and their associated costs.

Mission, Vision & Values


The mission of Baptist Physician Partners is to shape the future of health care in our community through an integrated partnership of providers and Baptist Health hospitals working collaboratively toward common goals for improving quality, safety, efficiency and outcomes for our patients.


  • Develop a physician-driven network with strong citizenship and leadership representation from multiple specialties
  • Align incentives for all stakeholders that reward demonstrated performance
  • Foster a culture of collaboration between physician and health system leadership
  • Utilize a data-driven approach that provides accurate, available, reliable, real-time, granular data at the physician level to increase the quality of care to the patient
  • Demonstrate clinical excellence that is recognized by patients, payers and employers
  • Optimize service line delivery in a patient and family-centric model that results in the highest quality of care


  • Quality
  • Respect
  • Trust
  • Service
  • Collaboration
  • Consistency
  • Innovation