With Baptist Physician Partners, patients feel like they have an advocate.

Baptist Health doctor talks with a nurse care coordinator

"Having a care coordinator as part of our team has fundamentally changed the way I have been able to care for many of the more complex patients in my practice. Ruby Rupac, our nurse care coordinator, has been instrumental in discerning patients’ physical and emotional needs. She’s discovered barriers to treatment and has anticipated ways in which patients might need additional assistance. This has directly translated to decreased Emergency Room visits and hospitalizations and overall, improved outcomes. With Ruby on their side, patients always feel like they have a navigator within the health care system and an advocate on their behalf."

"I had the pleasure of recently caring for a Baptist Health employee’s family member. Through care coordination, we helped him make a smooth transition from the hospital, coordinated specialist appointments and adjusted medications even before he became a patient at our practice. He expressed his gratitude for the level of care he received through the whole process and was impressed with his entire Baptist Health experience."

Aristides Sastre, MD, Baptist Primary Care, BPP member