Why Join?

It’s a challenging time to practice medicine. Payment models continue to evolve, increasingly putting provider reimbursement at risk and incentivizing higher quality outcomes at lower cost. As the market shifts from volume to value, it is clear that closer alignment between hospitals and physicians is imperative to increasing efficiencies and improving quality and connectivity of care.

Physician Benefits

In an environment of increasing demand for performance data, cost savings and improved health outcomes, Baptist Physician Partners members are uniquely positioned to excel. Our clinically integrated network is physician-led and professionally managed, providing the necessary infrastructure physicians need to deliver quality care with increasing efficiency and improving performance in an era of health care reform.

  • BPP is physician-led with a 16-member Board of Managers.
  • BPP helps shape the future of medicine in our community by participating in clinical integration programs with shared goals designed to enhance quality of care, increase efficiency, and close gaps in care.
  • As a physician partner, you will be able to access and share accurate, real-time patient data that can help you collaborate with your colleagues to improve quality and continuity of care.
  • With the proper technology and processes in place, physician partners will be notified when patients are due for tests and patients with chronic disease will have the tools to take control of their health.
  • By tracking and sharing key patient metrics, such as those for the management of diabetes and hypertension, physician partners will begin to establish the building blocks of population management while remaining focused on providing quality care.

By joining BPP and participating in a clinically integrated network, physician members will benefit by:

  • Having timely access to data
  • Collaborating to improve clinical quality outcomes
  • Sharing best clinical practices
  • Reducing medical errors
  • Improving continuity of care
  • Minimizing unwanted variations in care